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Kelli B. Henderson's Biography

After a roller blading accident which resulted in 68 stitches and the loss of nearly half her right eyebrow she began to research the art of permanent makeup. About a year later, her scar had matured enough that she was able to get her eyebrow tattooed! She was so intrigued with the results, she decided she wanted to learn everything she could about the art of permanent makeup. The following month she started her training then onto her apprenticeship. After completing her apprenticeship, she received her license to practice the art of permanent makeup. Every year she  continues to take continuing education courses to keep up with new and innovative techniques in the industry. Most recently, she graduated from the Arizona Institute of Micro-pigmentation in Scottsdale Arizona where she received advanced training in color theory and various tools including the hand tool , rotary pen and the digital machines.
Kelli prefers the digital machine because of the pre-sterilized single-use needle cartridge system, ruling out any chance of cross contamination.  Kelli has a true passion for permanent makeup. She thrives on utilizing her talent to help women compliment their looks and increase confidence.

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